Services » Retirement Pension

Administrative activities before Previdência Social:

  • Social security contribution analysis;
  • Request for Pension benefits;
  • Administrative justification for proof of duration of employment;
  • Request for Certidão de Tempo de Serviço (Duration of Employment Certificate);
  • Requests for Review of Benefits;
  • Administrative Reviews.

Administrative activities before Previdência Social:

  • Retirement for the duration of employment;
  • Old-age Retirement;
  • Disability Retirement;
  • Special Retirement;
  • Illness-Assistance;
  • Accident-Assistance;
  • Maternity-wage;
  • Review of the values of the benefits;
  • Legal justification;
  • Indemnity for occupational accident.

Action in Previdência Privada Complementar:

  • Professional advice to sponsoring agencies and participants of the funds of pension;
  • Lecture presentations, seminars, and courses;
  • Elaboration of studies and reports;
  • Monitoring of legal actions.