• › Analysis, preparation and review of contracts, such as loans, settlement and debt acknowledgment, fiduciary title, financing, purchase and sale, lease, manufacturing and supply, factoring, services, commercial representation and mediation, technical assistance, supply technology and customs clearance;
  • › Restructuring companies in financial difficulties, including bankruptcy, trading credits and appropriate legal measures, corporate recovery under the new bankruptcy law, franchising;
  • › Consumer rights, compensation for moral hazard and property damage in general, damages for medical malpractice, ownership and estate, leasing, real estate law, neighboring rights, civil and real estate registration, name change and registration rectification;
  • › Judicial and extrajudicial divorce, judicial and extrajudicial separation, prenuptial agreement, recognition and dissolution of stable union, right to custody of children, alimony support, visits regulation, paternity, adoption, marital property system, permits for international travel of minors, custody and guardianship;
  • › Probate Proceedings, shares of goods, wills, preparation, registration and validation, agreements between heirs, lawsuits to protect the estate and the heirs, donations, estate planning, family holdings, etc.